‘LMC is a vibrant Christ-centred Church at the heart of our community’

We use this phrase to describe who we are currently and to paint a simple picture about what the church is like. It is expressed and fleshed out in a  whole host of ways throughout the life of the church.




  1. Worship


At LMC we work hard to make our gatherings for worship places of excitement and encounter where worship is upbeat, the message is delivered in an engaging manner and where we can celebrate all that God is doing in our lives together. Worship is led by a worship band and a mix of the Minister and lay leaders bringing a variety that enhances who we are within a settled pattern.


  1. Cultures


Increasingly across the life of the church different cultures and backgrounds are represented which enhance and enrich our worship and shared life together. In our church currently we have people of African, Caribbean, Chinese, Indian backgrounds as well as many from across the British Isles. This increasing diversity is a great blessing for the whole church and gives us great opportunity to learn from each other.


  1. Ages


Currently we have a span of ages, from babies that are just a few months old to people into their nineties. This variance of perspective and ages means that there’s rarely a dull moment in our church! At LMC there really is something for everyone at different times in the day and week, so that as many people as possible can join us on the journey of living life like Jesus.




At LMC our desire is to be a people that ‘live like Jesus, reaching out with God’s hope and love.’ In order to make this a reality, the sharing of our faith in Jesus Christ is at the centre of all we do. Our worship centres around hearing the good news of God’s love in Jesus proclaimed, our small groups are focussed around moulding us to live more like Jesus in character and in action, our outreach programme is designed to enable different people in different ways to meet with Jesus.


Heart of Community


In our community, our building is one of the few spaces where the community interacts with each other. Whether it’s through uniformed groups for the children, community groups using our space, or whether its meeting with friends in our church cafe, our church building is one of the spaces where our community gathers and interacts. It is our dream that by being good hosts and intentional in our mission, we might reach out more and more with God’s transforming hope and love to see our community transformed.

We are Littleover Methodist Church – a vibrant Church at the heart of our community


Littleover Methodist Church cares about your privacy and your trust is important to us. Our Privacy Notice explains how Local Churches, Circuits and Districts within the Methodist Church in Great Britain collect, use and protect your personal information. It also provides information about your rights and who to contact if you have any questions about how we use your information. Click here to read our Privacy Notice online or download a PDF version here. A copy is also displayed on the noticeboard outside the church office. Jane Goodfellow (Church Office Manager) will try to deal with any questions as a local point of contact. resources@lmclife.org.uk 01332 365045

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